Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato

One of the most beloved superfood, tomato is nutrient-dense fruit vegetable that is important in all cultures across the globe, with varying colors of yellow, green, orange, red, purple, brown, and black. Cherry tomatoes are smaller bite-sized round tomatoes, exploding with juiciness in your mouth when bitten.  It is an excellent source of lycopene (bright red anti-oxidant), a significant amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, folate, thiamin, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, and contains fiber and protein. It has been linked to prevention of cancer especially prostate and breast, protection of the heart, and reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure. You may serve in salads, skewered or roasted, but with its portability, the best way is enjoy it raw as a healthy snack on the go!

Calories: 18 per 100g

Size: 250 gr

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Sunria Vegetables Project

Sunria works hand-in-hand with Indonesian farmers to produce the finest handpicked organic vagetables. We help small-scale farmers living in volcanic areas of Java, empowering them to nurture its highly fertile soil to grow better vagetables according to international organic standards, while implementing fair trade practices. Previously facing unstable demand resulting in debts, they now enjoy more sustainable international market access, making a positive difference to their family livelihoods. With Sunria, enjoy fresher and more nutritious organic vegetables to benefit your health, the environment, and humanity!

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