Volcano Rice™

Zero Cholesterol | Low in Fat | Low in Sugar | Low in Sodium
High in Protein | Good Source of Magnesium
Good Source of Zinc
Gluten Free and Wheat Free |
No Harmful Chemicals, such as Pesticides, Additives, and Preservatives

Volcano Rice™

Created by the forces of nature, Sunria Volcano RiceTM is award-winning rice grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Java. Exploding in essential minerals, such as magnesium, manganese, and zinc, this colorful nutrient-dense rice in brown, pink, and red boosts your vitality and health! Experience the magnificence of this rice through its hearty flavor along with fragrant aroma that will blow you away! A mealtime favorite unlike any other!. Suitable for: salads, fried rice, pilafs, claypots, accompaniment to grills.
Nutrition Fact+
Cooking Directions+

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Sunria Rice Project

Sunrias works hand-in-hand with farmers to produce premium organic rice. We help small-scale Indonesian farmers trapped in decades of poverty cycles, by introducing fair trade practices, and empowering them to grow better rice in a more sustainable manner. Using revolutionary SRI System of Rice Intensification method, Sunria farmers are now able to save 50% fresh water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase biodiversity and fertility, and harvest up to 78% more paddy for their livelihood. With Sunria Rice, enjoy a tastier and more nutritious organic rice to benefit your health, the environment, and humanity!

Customer Reviews

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The only rice I buy

Amazing rice! I use it for everything, even the rice water left behind from washing it is really good. I wash the rice, and keep the water that is leftover, and I use the rice water on my hair and on my skin. My curly hair becomes really soft and shapely, and my skin feels really good after as well. I normally do not like rice as I find it too plain, but this rice has such a strong personality in terms of taste and aroma that it has become an integral part of my diet. Highly recommended.

Outstanding rice which is helping Indonesia and the world!

This rice is INCREDIBLE! If you soak it overnight (at least 7 hours, but longer is even better) and cook it with broth, they is unbelievable rice! Not only that, but we LOVE supporting an amazing cause with is helping local Indonesians as well as the ecology and eventually the world! Finally, this whole-grain rice is delicious AND nutritious as well. SO MUCH BETTER than just plain white rice which has been stripped of all the essential nutrients and good fats that we need from our food! Glad we can help support this wonderful country in this way!

Stay healthy with organic products is the trend. started by God and recently popularized by heal...

Organic was started by God, in those days every plant is grown naturally without chemical, and recently popularized by health conscious humans. Organics is the trend now so be a part of it and not only stay healthy but also keeps the world green, create a better environment for our coming generations.

A magnificent rice!

I climbed the famous Mount Merapi in Java, Indonesia a few years ago, and seeing Volcano Rice from Indonesia in our German bio store intrigued me. We had some guests for dinner, and my wife decided to cook chicken pilaf rice with it. The kids love it because the 3 colors, and the guests were impressed with the wonderful aroma and texture of this rice that reminds me of my journey to the volcano. Vielen Dank Sunria!