Arenga Sugar

Size: 300 gr
Arenga Sugar
Arenga Sugar
Sunria Arenga Sugar is the world's most delicious LOW GI sugar that is better for your health, and is safe for diabetics! It is 100% organic, whole, and unrefined natural sugar tapped from Arenga trees in the rainforest, which can only be planted by Luwak, a native inhabitant. This wild civet cats eat Arenga fruit and help scatter its seeds throughout the rainforest. After growing for ten years, Arenga trees start to produce a sweet sap, which is evaporated with care to preserve its nutrients, to become golden-brown crystals with the most captivating signature caramel aroma! 
Sunria Arenga Sugar provides a rich nutritional value such as:
    • Certified Low Glycemic Index
    • Low in Fat
    • High in Selenium
    • High in Potassium
    • High in Iron
    • High in Fiber
    • Gluten-free and Wheat-free
    • No Harmful Chemicals, such as Pesticides, Additives, and Preservatives


    Sunria Arenga Sugar is a versatile sweetener, with an easy to use 1:1 substitution ratio to brown sugar
    • Beverages: teas, coffees, juices, smoothies, cocktails
    • Cooking: marinades, sauces, glazes, rubs, dressings
    • Desserts: pastries, cakes, cookies,waffles, pancakes
    • Others: cereals, muesli,and many more!
    About Sunria Sugar

    Sunria works hand–in-hand with farmers to produce premium organic sugar. We help small-scale Indonesian farmers living in rainforest areas by introducing fair trade practices, and empowering them with skills to tap and handcraft sugar. By showing that tropical rainforests can be a valuable and sustainable source of income, Sunria farmers play an important role to protect these forests against logging, and slash and burn agricultural practice causing deforestation. With Sunria Luwak Sugar, enjoy the finest artisanal quality organic sugar to benefit your health, the environment, and humanity. 



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