Why Certified Organic


If there were no pollution and harmful chemicals in this world, organic certification would be unnecessary. However, the heavy use of the harmful chemicals that have contaminated our land, soil, water, and air, is posing serious risks to our health. This has urged governments to set strict organic farming standards to ensure consumers the purity of a product.

Organic farming is a long process, and certification ensures throughout the entire journey, from the field to your table, all processes adhere to these standards. Organic certification is much more than a ‘chemical-free’ lab test, which only checks one point of the journey, and contamination can easily occur before or after this point. This is why ‘chemical-free’ products can easily fail organic certification.

At Sunria, we use an independent certification body with internationally accredited expertise that inspects the whole process and ensure our product is genuinely organic. We are internationally certified by IMO, Institute for Marketecology Switzerland, one of the first and most experienced international agencies for inspection, certification, and quality assurance of eco-friendly products. Our exceptional quality is certified by few of the most renowned international standards such as the National Organic Program (NOP) for USA, The Regulation EEC 2092/91 for European Union countries, and JAS for Japanese Agriculture Standard. We want to give you the best and there is no comprise in our products quality.

An example of Sunria organic process: