Our Strategic Alliances

Sunria develops partnerships and alliance around the world with private sector, media, NGOs, government bodies, charities, and non-profit organizations that shares our vision. We aim to build solid relationships with that mutually beneficial for one another, for the environment, and humanity.   We believe that small steps can make a difference and joining hands, we can make a bigger impact.

We are proud to be strategically aliased with:


Cornell University CIIFAD, USA

Cornell University Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD) is our advisor and mentor since 2008 helping us to help the poor through the development of sustainable food systems, especially SRI System of Rice Intensification. CIIFAD also has one of the most comprehensive collections of SRI information worldwide.

Indonesian Organic Alliance

A local NGO advocating the development of organic and fair trade in Indonesia.


A local consultancy, who is a pioneer of SRI implementation in Indonesia.



VECO, Belgium

A Belgium NGO operating in Indonesia, and working alongside us and supporting our farmers for capacity building.

IMO, Switzerland
Our organic and fair trade certification body that monitors and ensures our international standards are maintained. IMO is a pioneer in its field, and has significantly contributed to the development of smallholder farmers certification.