Fair Trade Initiatives

When we think of charity acts or helping others, we usually visualize the rich helping the poor. It is very humbling to know that the farmers have been participating in “fair trade” by themselves, even before they have heard of this term, and know that such certification exists.

Most of Sunria rice farmers donate a percentage of their paddies during harvest season to people that are less fortunate than them: homeless people without families, victims of natural disasters, or orphans. The percentage varies based on each farmer’s field size, harvest yield, and his/her financial ability. Farmers with small land, or have many kids that needs more financial support would donate about 1% of their harvests, and those that have bigger lands and are more financially independent can donate up to 10% of their harvests.

These selfless acts by the farmers are exemplary, and have inspired Sunria to work more closely with the farmers, giving them and their communities a better life they truly deserved.