Enur Sopari

I breathe and live by the ocean. The never-ending waves are so fascinating to me, and this is why I am passionate when I go out to the sea! With few job opportunities, living here has been tough. Sometimes, I could not catch enough fish, and it was heart breaking when my son had to give up higher education. Last year, my fellow villagers took my boat out, and it crashed against the rocks. Even though my only source of income was destroyed, I was just grateful that everyone survived. This positivity has blessed me with an opportunity to be part of Sunria fair trade system, empowering me with a new skill to handcraft salt, and provide a sustainable income for my family. Most importantly, I can become a better father and save for a university education to my second born,my beloved daughter Revi

- Enur Sopari

Sunria farmer, a spirited father of 3