Winner of Sunria Rice Recipe Contest

In June 2014, in the Week of Organic Agriculture in Belgium, Biofresh launched a contest to look for the most original recipe made with Sunria rice. We received overwhelming response, with 50 recipes featuring Sunria's Pandan, Rainforest or Merapi rice from the various kitchens. Finally, the spicy coconut rice, by a lovely couple, Julie Van den Kerchove and Simon Matthys, is the winning recipe! It is a very creative and original recipe. Their brilliance is serving uncooked rice in a delicious way! They cleverly germinated and sprouted the rice, which not only gave it a unique texture and flavor profile, but it activated the enzymes of the rice to be alive! Julie and Simon will soon travel to Indonesia to visit the farmers to and experience first hand how the farmers cook their rice. The visit will surely inspire more great recipes for their kitchen!!

You can get the recipes from our winner of Sunria Rice Recipe Contest in here!

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